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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

We are delighted to share that this year we are part of the Big Give Green Match Fund and the link is now LIVE! Click here to donate.

For one week - Thursday 22 April - Thursday 29 April - all donations that we receive will be doubled!

One donation, twice the impact

We're very lucky and grateful to be chosen by a Big Give Champion to be a part of this brilliant initiative! We've been allocated up to £2500 in funding from our Champion designed to match £2500 from online donations made during the week of the campaign. So, we are hoping you will help us raise £2,500 in order to receive £5,000 in total with any further donations received above that greatly appreciated!

Recently, we have seen the importance of being able to access a range of resources from the comfort of our own home. We have also seen how crucial the natural world is for our health and wellbeing and how lucky we are to have access to nature on our doorstep through the Thames, London’s largest open blue space. In these unprecedented times of the pandemic and climate crisis, educational resources help us understand our natural world better so we can protect it, now and for our future.

This money will be used on upgrading our online resources to be more inclusive, reaching a wider audience so more people can benefit from learning about the Thames, including our podcast series, The Talk of the Thames, and our virtual boat tour around the tidal Thames.

We’ll also put it towards production of a sequel to our award-winning documentary, The Living Thames! The Living Thames II, to be shot later this year, will continue to tell the Thames’s amazing story to the world. We’ll thank all donors with regular updates on progress, an on-screen credit and plus-one invitation to the premiere in London.

“The River Thames is London’s greatest open space and it teems with wildlife. From leafy Richmond it flows through London, on into Kent and Essex and into the North Sea and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean. So, it is our link with the natural world which is so important for all of us”

-Sir David Attenborough, in the Living Thames Documentary (co-produced by TEP).

Please also consider sharing or posting on social media using #GreenMatchFund and tagging @ThamesEstPart on Twitter and @ThamesEstuaryPartnership on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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