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Presented by Chris Baines, President of the Thames Estuary Partnership, The Living Thames is an odyssey along the river as it meanders through London and flows out to sea, exploring its ever-changing ecology.

This film tells the hidden story of the Thames: how it has transformed from a ''dead" river to one of the cleanest inner-city river in Europe. Our documentary opens people’s eyes to how the Thames is crucial for connectivity, biodiversity, wildlife and migrating species.  We encourage everyone to feel part of the Thames, and join in helping to look after it, to ensure its continued vitality.


It is now available to watch on Vimeo with funds raised contributing towards creating the sequel, The Historic Thames. 


Production of The Living Thames was funded by voluntary donations and help from many TEP members. The film was launched, to enthusiastic response from a full house, at the Totally Thames Festival on 29 September 2018.

​We’re now working hard to produce its sequel, The Historic Thames. This time Chris Baines will not only travel the Thames but through time as well, taking you to places you haven’t seen and telling you stories you don’t know!

So, once again, we need your help. Please give what you can to help us cover production costs, such as our top-notch technical crew, equipment hire and transport to the many amazing locations. We’ll thank all donors with updates on progress, an on-screen credit and a plus-one invitation to the premiere in central London.

As before, our focus will be telling the Thames’s inspiring story to the world, with a particular focus on reaching young people and schools

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Our documentary is now available to rent on Vimeo.

All proceeds will be used to create The Historic Thames!

Interested in more information? Drop us an email!