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Your Tidal Thames (YTT) is a collaborative partnership of organisations along the Thames from Teddington to the sea. Originally set up in 2012 to help implement the Water Framework Directive through Defra’s Catchment Based Approach (CaBA), the group’s aim is to bring together all the stakeholders and interested parties along the Thames to work together to protect, enhance and improve the water environment.

We envisage a tidal Thames that is more accessible, greener and more connected to the wider London landscape and the sea. A river that benefits people, businesses and wildlife.

YTT is co-hosted by Thames21 and Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP).


The tidal Thames flows through one of the most densely populated urban areas in Europe and is subject to a wide range of environmental pressures.

According to the Thames River Basin Management Plan, the priority river basin management issues to tackle in this catchment are:

  • the water (including habitat enhancement, water quality, and flood risk)

  • the human element (education, access, and public awareness)

  • planning and economic development (including river traffic, commerce, fishing, and riverside redevelopment)

Our work is summarised in the YTT catchment plan. We focus our championing and project work on the following themes:

  • Access to riverside, onto the river and onto the foreshore

  • Flooding and flood storage

  • Habitats and wildlife

  • Public perception and education

  • Redevelopment and riverside planning



The YTT Catchment Partnership was created in 2012. The results of the Tidal Thames Pilot Project are summarised in the Final Project Report.

In 2014 YTT developed an Engagement Vision for the Tidal Thames Catchment Area. This vision summarises our work and priorities. 


An updated catchment plan is coming soon. YTT is keen to review stakeholders and ensure that everyone who wants to work together can do so.


Do you have questions or project ideas? Please get in touch.



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