The Open Access Data Project began in September 2018 and is an independent analysis of open access environmental and fisheries data on the tidal Thames. Open access data refers to data that is publicly available. The focus on open access data arose from conversations with stakeholders around the Thames who mentioned difficulties in locating which data are available on the Thames and who owns it.


The project focuses on two aspects of the tidal Thames - the physical environment and fish populations. Data on the physical environment focused on four parameters - temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Variations in these four parameters characterise the gradients commonly found in estuaries and influence the biology of the estuary. The data on fish populations were used to analyse trends over time. The fish and environmental data were then linked to uncover how changes in the environment impact the fish populations in the Thames.  


Project began in September 2018 and finished in November 2019.

A list of recommendations was created to improve future estuarine monitoring in the Thames.

A poster displaying the results of the project was presented at the Institute of Fisheries Management Conference in October 2019.

A presentation of the result was done at TEP’s first Data Forum meeting.


The Open Access Data Project is funded by the North Thames Fisheries Local Action Group (NTFLAG).

It was created by European funding to revitalise fishing villages around Europe. 

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