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Image by Lawrence Hookham


This is where you can explain what the project is, how long it has been running for, and its main aim. Try not to make this longer than 150-200 words as readers will switch off if they see too much text. 

Below this paragraph, insert a high-quality image(s) (or a video in the case of 'The Living Thames', or an interactive map for e.g. Thames Roadmap) to break up the text. 


This does not have to be 'aims', this can be upcoming events, previous achievements, etc. Use bullet points here to keep it concise. Below 'aims', feel free to add more images (e.g. 'The Living Thames' laurels, project partners) but ensure that you use buttons if you want to navigate people to your page ('website', 'donate' & 'newsletter' are just examples) and keep hyperlinks within the text to a minimum. 

  • Make use of bullet points to detail aims

  • E.g. Fundraise over £*** to help finance new and exciting projects

  • No more than  points

Image by Lawrence Hookham


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