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The Marine CoLABoration was initiated by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2015 to increase collaborative action and explore how to communicate the value of the ocean more effectively.

Participants in the Marine CoLABoration share a belief that we can accelerate progress towards an ocean-friendly society by collaborating and by placing value at the heart of shaping solutions. We hypothesise
that uncovering and communicating the value of the ocean in all its rich diversity connects with people’s deeply held, personal and shared values and leads to better and faster ocean conservation. Our vision is for an ocean that is healthier and where the full range of ocean and human values are reflected in individual and collective decision-making. We aim to increase the effectiveness and impact of ocean solutions through a values-based approach.



The rapidly growing #OneLess campaign, which began as a Marine CoLAB experiment, and is supporting pioneering and progressive individuals, communities, businesses, NGOs and policymakers to collaboratively reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles entering the ocean from the city of London.

Agents of Change – working with diverse community voices to build a new
narrative around the need for marine conservation zones.

Ocean Sound Waves – a campaign helping NGOs apply the values-based
approach in their communications for a ‘ Mental Health Awareness Week ’
experiment, engaging leading academics in the field of ocean and human health and wellbeing.

Ocean Literacy – we worked to establish a new network with organisations beyond the Marine CoLAB which have significant reach to help accelerate UK ocean literacy.



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