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Cycling from Erith to Teddington


We’ve been so inspired by the success of our The Tidal Thames virtual tour that we’ve decided to go upstream!

In June 2020 when we launched our virtual tour, we included stops along the Thames running from Tower Bridge down to Maunsell Fort on the North Sea. Now we’re looking to feature locations upstream from Tower Bridge to expand the tour and give more details about life on the Thames in London. 


To collect new images and information so we can add more stops to our tour, TEP project officer Wanda Bodnar cycled 65km from Erith to Teddington in early September. Over the course of one day, she has collected photos that we will add to our story map and publish in early October -- just in time for London Rivers Week! The updated virtual tour will also be part of our growing Digital Resources page

The map below shows Wanda's route with some of the images that she has taken. 

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