Replacing brick, concrete, and metal tidal walls with a variety of habitats is what the Estuary Edges project is about. The Estuary Edges website is a ‘how to’ guide on ecological design for softening these ‘edges’ to encourage wildlife into urban estuaries.


In our case study estuary, the Thames, only around 2% of the edges are natural. Increasing the habitat along the edges will have a significant positive impact on plants, invertebrates, fish and birds.

Well-planned developments next to our estuaries can create better places to live and work. When reconstructing or refurbishing the banks of an estuary, a project should include features that support wildlife, improve public access and educate people about the importance of protecting the environment whilst measuring the improvement in these three areas.


· Engage developers and councils with best practice for implementing intertidal development and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

· Engage developers, the public and local communities on the benefits of these sites to wildlife and human health and wellbeing

· Gather further ecological evidence on the benefits of the sites to wildlife and the array of species that choose to reside there

· Gather data on how these sites change over time, to help build future sites that are climate resilient

· Train students and local communities to monitor the Estuary Edges, as well as providing students with valuable fieldwork skills



If you would like to get involved in the surveys or would like any further information, please contact the Estuary Edges Officer, Eve Sanders. 

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